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Tree felling in foel gasnach

Hi to all members please remember that Foel Gasnach is closed Monday to Friday  due to felling around Foel Gasnach this week open as usual from Saturday 3rd of March many thanks Steve

Dig day

Thanks again to osian jones and Ieuan jones and robin arthur for the help up at foel got a fair bit done on track 2


Hi to all members, Can you please check your memberships as we have recently changed the Paypal so if your on reoccurring payment you need to rejoin as you WILL NOT be covered to ride. Please have [...]

reoccurring membership payments

Hi to all members if you are on reoccurring yearly membership Paypal payment you need to rejoin as we have a new Paypal in place. Please renew your membership as you wont be covered to [...]

Dig day 14th january

Dig day going to be doing some work on track 2 so the track will be closed 14th january come along and get involved

To all Members: Due to some confusion with regards to membership format and cost i would like to clarify the new arrangements and why the format has changed. I will be running membership from January [...]

club members videos

Here's a video of some of our club members having fun on the tracks

Dig day 22/10/16

Hi to all members We are going to have a dig day Saturday 22/10/16 so come along and give your imput into the tracks. I've been busy thining the forest out to let some light on the tracks. [...]

Dig Day Saturday

Track 4 will be closed for maintenance on Saturday. Please make use of our other tracks.

Steve’s Post

Hi Track four will be closed from 10am on Saturday the 3rd September as I am doing some more work, so feel free to come along and give a hand. The gate will be open as [...]

Dig Day 13.8.16

Hi everybody, had a very productive day up Foel today, even though the turn out wasn't what I expected wee still got done what we needed to do, thanks to Andy Williams, Terry Gin, Tony [...]