To all Members:

Due to some confusion with regards to membership format and cost i would like to clarify the new arrangements and why the format has changed.

I will be running membership from January 1st to December 31st at a yearly cost of £20.

The increase in membership cost is due to: Insurance, as by becoming a member you are covered for third party incidents, the work that is going into the tracks and the maintenance and administration i do to maintain the tracks, all of which is for the benefit of the club.

For the people that have signed up for membership in the past 6 months and only paid £10 you can pay the other £10 in January 2017, so you will have membership for the year. For people that have already paid their £20 they will be members till December 2017.

Anyone that signs up once this has gone out, can pay the club £10 now but will owe the additional £10 in January 2017.

If you have any other thoughts regarding Foel, then i would be grateful in hearing from you. Please Email me with your ideas.

Many Thanks

Stephen Hunter

Club Manager