Hi to all members, Can you please check your memberships as we have recently changed the Paypal so if your on reoccurring payment you need to rejoin as you WILL NOT be covered to ride. Please have your membership number with you at all times as we will be asking all riders at Foel Gasnach for their [...]

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To all Members: Due to some confusion with regards to membership format and cost i would like to clarify the new arrangements and why the format has changed. I will be running membership from January 1st to December 31st at a yearly cost of £20. The increase in membership cost is due to: Insurance, as [...]

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Dig day 22/10/16

Hi to all members We are going to have a dig day Saturday 22/10/16 so come along and give your imput into the tracks. I've been busy thining the forest out to let some light on the tracks. The uplift service will be up and running on the 5th of November booking details will be up on website soon. [...]

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